Split Hoof Ranch

Last Updated on Sept, 4th, 2017
 We are a family own farm owned by Curtis & Lisa Braziel. We started with Boer goats in 2007 & quickly transitioned to Pure Spanish goats in 2009. .  In 2014  we added Kiko goats to our  herd & have now  converted to just Kiko goats.  We have 100% NZ, Purebred, & Percentage kiko's. 

 We have built our Kiko herd just like we did our Spanish herd. We traveled many miles to put together the best herd possible &  kept PERFORMANCE TESTED GENETICS at the forefront.  We have kept on the farm data on each doe & kid born on our farm. We will continue to do so. We will in 2018 enter our own home grown genetics in to CENTRAL LOCATED PERFORMANCE TEST'S to continue the improvement of our herd.

  We are FAMACHA certified & utilize the FAMACHA score system to grade each & every goat. Those who continually need deworming & has a low FAMACHA score are culled regardless of pedigree. WE WILL NOT KEEP ANY GOAT ON THE FARM JUST BECAUSE THERE PEDIGREE MAY BE DESIRABLE. THE GOAT WILL HAVE TO MEET OUR STANDARDS . 

  If you ever have any questions or just want to talk goats please call us @ 405-568-6842