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Last updated March 2nd, 2020

DRZ Willie​
DRZ Willie
Herd Sire's

DRZ Willie

A linebred  WSU Goldmine's Heritage and ELH Hemp's Golden Boy buck. He is linebred on top and bottom of his pedigree.  He is 2 yrs old in these pictures and still filling out. He is correct in everyway and will add meat and muscle to any herd. 
SHR Doe's
2017 Trojan yearlings
Jailbreak 2016
LVL Maggie
Dam to DRZ Willie
Owned by Deb Zier;ein
Muddy Creek Kikos
DRZ Butterscotch
Sire to DRZ Willie
owned by Hubbard Hill Kikos
Jd & Jenni Gibson