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Last updated March 2nd, 2020
HKF Boaz
Former Herdsire's
CLP Ragin Rivers Generators 243
TMK Apache's Blue Boy
TOF General Palmetto
LFK CHerokee Sox
Each of these herdsire's have contributed to our herd and we have their genetics in each of our doe's. We have now decided to input linebreeding by using DRZ Willie who is a heavily linebred Goldmines Heritage & Golden Boy Buck.

Sky High Zipper Y514
pictured at 9.5 years old
Reference Herd Sire's
WSU Goldmine's Heritage
Photo by John Hancock
Hancock Kiko's

better know as BIG BOY
was used to by Hancock Kiko's to build their herd
and you can see his name in almost every doe in the their herd.  Big Boy also lived to almost 13 years old. Proving that their is longevity in the Goliath lines present in his pedigree. We have introduced the BIG BOY lines to our herd to bring muscle and longevity to our herd. 

ELH Hemp's  Golden Boy

was used over Goldmine's Heritage daughters in a  flush that created some very  well known bucks in the kiko Industry.  Golden boy in our opinion is what a meat goat should look like and is what every meat goat breeder should strive for in there herd, He has brought great maternal traits, parasite resistance, and muscle to the kiko breed and it is these reasons we have decided to introduce his bloodline to our herd.
Boaz is no longer a former Herdisre. He has returned back to Oklahoma!!!!!